CityLink integrates best-in-class service providers to serve the various needs of our clients in one location. Please watch this two minute video for more context.
Our Core Compentencies
These are our strengths and what makes our approach different.
People are complex. We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. By co-locating our services, we seek to treat people holistically by offering multiple services. In addition, co-location alleviates transportation barriers for many of our clients.
We believe we can do more by working together than we can apart. We want to keep our partners focused on what they do best. By supporting each other and coordinating our services, we help free up their staff and energy to focus on their core competencies.
Volunteer Mobilization
CityLink is fueled by an army of volunteers who dramatically increase the capacity of our clients, partners, and staff. Truly, this place would not be able to function without the time and talents generously given by our volunteers.
Our Core Services
If a client wishes to become a client at CityLink center, they must be enrolled in one of our three core services. If they are working towards a goal in one of these categories, they then have access to all of our additional services.
To help clients attain a job and secure an income.
To support clients in gaining or advancing their employment
Financial Education
To help clients manage their money once they gain employment.
Industry Tracks
Industry tracks combine education and employment in a targeted career field.
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